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Change application, buy or sell ticket

You may change start group click here to login. It is possible to change start group as long as there are available places in the group you want to change to. After that, change of start group is only allowed if two participants change groups with each other. The administration of this change is completed at the registration in Kiruna.

Sell or buy ticket

We do not give refund on Fjällräven Classic tickets. But you have the possibility to sell or buy tickets on our forum. The agreement is handled between seller and buyer, the seller simply change the information in the ticket. Fjällräven will charge SEK 200:- for the administration of changing names on issued entries.

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To receive your parcel before Christmas, order within: 2015-12-18T15:00 Extended Christmas Return Period until 15th January 2016 for orders made between 20th November - 31st December 2015