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In order to complete a trek like Fjällräven Classic, you need to be well prepared. Your body, your knowledge and your equipment will be put to the test. So make sure that you have trained properly, refreshed your outdoor skills and checked your equipment. You will find tips on this page that are very useful. If you want to learn more, we have created links to our trekking portal where you can find additional tips and inspiration for your trek.

Prepare yourself physically

Trekking 110 kilometres with a pack weighing between 10 and 20 kilos in varying terrain is a challenge. This is why you need to prepare your body - so you can enjoy the magnificent mountain environment and turn Fjällräven Classic into a pleasant challenge.

Foot care and hygiene

To be able to enjoy your hike on the Kungsleden to the maximum you should take care of your feet beforehand. Even if you didn't have any problems at all with your feet before there is a large possibility that you'll have some during this tour unless you're well-prepared.

 Please read this information carefully (pdf)
 Read more on how to choose trekking boots

Choose a good backpack, pack it carefully and carry it correctly

You will be carrying everything you need during those 110 kilometres. A well-packed backpack carried correctly means that you will be able to enjoy the grandiose landscapes and the company of other trekkers. Read more about how to pack and carry your backpack in the correct way in our backpack guide

Pack smart for the trek

"What should I bring on my trek?" is one of the questions we often hear. In large parts of Sweden the month of August often means warm summer weather with high temperatures and lots of sunshine. Fifteen miles north of the Arctic Circle, where Fjällräven Classic takes place, the weather can be totally different. Warm days can be interspersed with cold, windy days filled with rain and possibly even snow. This means that you will need to pack equipment that will get you through different types of weather.

Guarantee good sleep

During Fjällräven Classic, you sleep in tents that either you or your friends must carry. The rules of the competition require that everyone has a place in a tent to sleep, but this does not mean that every participant has to bring their own tent. Go to our tent and sleeping bag guide

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