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Where I feel free - Felix

Climbing became a way of getting around in the mountains. The weather, wind and seasons are all part of traditional climbing – which has more to it than difficult moves and fixed line routes. Felix Aejmelaeus-Lindström, production coordinator at Fjällräven, always wants to get out, and get higher.

Felix was only seven when he and his younger brother tried climbing for the first time – on the bunks in their bedroom. His passion for climbing started right there on those bunks complete with harnesses and ropes, thanks to a babysitter whose playful relationship with mountains and climbing was a big influence.

“It was fantastic,” remembers Felix twenty years later. “And quite soon after she took us out into the mountains to try climbing there. Even if we thought it was a big adventure then, we probably only crawled around on a little rock, but she taught us the importance of equipment, safety and of being careful.”

His early childhood in Switzerland with his mother, father and younger brother and sister gave him a natural connection to mountains and trekking, and using ropes and belaying devices became a given part of it all. After his first climb on the bunk bed, he clearly remembers the feeling of getting out into the mountains with his own backpack, rope and harness when he was only seven.

“For me it was always about fun when we were outdoors when we were small, never about performance. That was how we learned, my brother and I. Climbing in trees, on rocks, going up to a hut in the Alps with our parents and having fun in the mountains.”

This is something he would like to pass on to his daughter too. It is all about starting at a simple and safe level.

”Now the most important thing is to make sure our daughter enjoys being out in nature, that she thinks it is fun to be outside. I am really looking forward to it. And, in time, I hope that she will take an interest in climbing too.”

Felix Aejmelaeus-Lindström

Age: 28
Occupation: Production coordinator at Fjällräven
Lives: Lidingö, Stockholm
Grew up in: Switzerland and Stockholm
Likes: Climbing and trekking in the mountains
Nature for me is: Freedom – doing what I want and taking the consequences. Relaxed and casual outings. I have chosen to be out there myself. Relaxation – getting away from everything else. I can think about what I am doing right now, concentrate on my next move or hold. Peaceful – in relation to being outdoors. There are never any musts or performance goals when I am outdoors, it is still just for fun.
Favourite garment: A thin, lightweight down jacket is more or less a must regardless of if you are out in the summer or the winter. Pak Down Jacket is a favourite.

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