Our Work / Life Balance

We aim to practice what we preach

Inspiring and enabling more people to explore further, higher and longer in nature starts with our own team. Whether in Sweden, elsewhere in Europe, the US, or Asia we encourage our employees to get outside. We also like to plant the seed of outdoor love and let it grow: some of our employees have more outdoor experience so they share their knowledge with those with less. Our own staff test and feedback on our products and events and, of course, we support an equal, fair and welcoming workplace for all.

A Few Of The Perks

Every employee has the chance to trek Fjällräven Classic, to experience long-distance trekking ‘Fjällräven style’.

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Product Testing  

Our employees can borrow and test our clothing and gear and even purchase items at a discounted price. 

Education & Training

‘Sustainability breakfasts’, leadership training and outdoor survival education are just a few of the ways we like to share our knowledge and skills with our team.