Increased airiness – ideal for summer trekking. Buy G-1000 products from Fjällräven Online Store

G-1000 Air

Increased airiness – ideal for summer trekking

Unwaxed for greater ventilation
Made for sustainable materials

With G-1000 Air we’ve taken warm climate trekking up a notch. This extra lightweight material is even airier than G-1000 Lite, as it has a looser weave and it’s not waxed, allowing for much better airflow. Although this does mean it no longer offers resistance to wet and windy weather or mosquitos.

Care & Repair

Made from a mixture of beeswax and paraffin, Greenland Wax is a simple, nature-inspired solution to the challenges faced in the outdoors. G-1000 Air comes un-waxed, but you can still apply wax to it if you want to make your clothing wind- and water-resistant.

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