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Choose a breathable material

100% synthetic material will make you too warm. You will need something that is wrinkle free, UV-protective and also is “breathable”. Look for products with Fjällräven’s micro travel (MT) material and you will be just fine.

Choose a product that is lightweight

You do not want to carry around big and bulky clothes or heavy bags. Space is a scarce resource when travelling and weight is something you like to avoid. So look for light weight products. Once again Fjällräven’s MT (micro travel) material is perfect.

UV protection

The sun is strong when you are on a safari. So ensure you wear clothes that give you that needed UV-protection.

Anti-odor and wrinkle free

There might be few occasions when you will find energy and time to wash your clothes, but even fewer times to iron them. So pack products that are anti-bacterial and wrinkle free. Fjällräven’s bamboo shirts are anti-bacterial that creates an anti-odor function. They are also very breathable and almost wrinkle free. Now, that is something you will appreciate during your safari.

Zip-off functions

Turning your jacket into a vest and your trousers to a pair of shorts for a day is easily done with zip-off jackets or trousers. Simply zip-off the sleeves of the jacket and you have a vest, zip-of the legs on your trousers and you have your pair of shorts. When it cools down in the evening and the mosquitos’ starts to appear, just zip them back on.

Functional Pocket solutions

A lot of companies put pockets on their clothes so they will look better. We do not say that there is something wrong with that; but it is not completely right either and it is not how we do it. Each pocket we add, we add for a purpose. We are driven by functionality. That is why you will find pockets that are ideal for guidebooks, photographic equipment, snacks and anything else you can think of on our clothes.