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Hunting FAQ

Conscious hunting on nature's terms

Why is Fjällräven getting into hunting?

We’ve actually made hunting gear since the 70’s. Our core is general outdoors, but as we see hunting – it’s connected to our view on taking part in and showing respect for nature.

What do you mean by conscious hunting?

In Sweden we have a long hunting tradition with high hunting ethics that protect nature, the animals and the ecosystem they create together. It is a genuine game preserving activity that also provides the opportunity to prepare and eat smart, healthy food from the neighbouring countryside and teach our children to become sustainable while enjoying good outdoor experiences with all the senses fully awake.

What is trophy hunting?

Trophy hunting is more a sport, than taking part in any eco-cycle. It’s about targeting mature individuals and killing them for the horns. Basically the opposite of what hunting is for us at Fjällräven.

What makes a good hunter?

Ethics, culture, do’s and don’ts as well as legal aspects differ between nations, and continents. In Sweden, you must pass rigid theoretical and practical exams which include safety, shooting and knowledge. But it’s in practice you become a conscious hunter – knowing that your actions are very serious, and always strivng for perfect shots, respectful care, safe practices and hygienic routines when taking care of animal, meat and skin.

Isn’t Fjällräven about live animals, not dead ones?

Yes, and in Sweden – much of hunting has for centuries been focused on wildlife preservation. 70% of the nation is covered by forests, but as civilisation expands, the clashes between man and animals increase. Mankind intrude – as we farm, ski, drive and live in what used to be wild animal habitats. In order to maintain a balance, and secure all species – hunting is a tool to manage wildlife populations, making sure they stay strong and healthy. Areas that are hunted actually have more animals, than un-hunted areas

But I don’t hunt in Sweden, so why should I be interested in Swedish hunting gear?

The clothing collection is created according to the multilayer-principle and is  tested here in the north to endure tough conditions in both stillness and on the move – and basically, if the apparel can take it here, it can take it anywhere. Fjällräven Hunting gear is used in the field all over the world, from New Zealand to the American midwest - for big game, mountain hunting and waterfowl. They’re just developed here, where demands are tough. So you know they can be trusted.

Why do people hunt when we have supermarkets?

The traditional answer is that hunting has been a part of man since thousands of years, it’s about providing and surviving. Many like to connect to that heritage. But today, a more relevant answer is about game preservation and sustainability. Knowing where the food comes from, just harvesting what you eat, thus increasing the level of locally produced vegetables and meats by taking active part with smarter, more ecological choices. Hunting is also getting a deeper appreciaton of nature, and more hunters means more people with enhanced sense of respect for the earth’s limited resources.