We have more than 500 products in our range, so sometimes it can be a little tricky making a decision. Like, should you buy a tunnel or dome tent? Keb or Vidda Pro Trousers? A 65 or 75 litre backpack? You want the best gear and garments to suit your needs and those needs can be as diverse as a 10-day trek in the Swedish-winter wilderness, to a summer day-hike in Southern California. So to make choosing easier, we’ve put the expert knowledge of our designers and field testers into these handy product guides.

Before you start reading our guides, you should get to know our different product ranges or ‘families’, as we call them. We have seven of them and they’re all named after different areas in Sweden.



Engineered for life above the treeline, Bergtagen products are optimised to offer the highest levels of performance and reliability in tough conditions.

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Named after Sweden’s highest mountain, products in this range are developed for challenging treks in varying terrain.


The lightweight Abisko collection is geared towards day hikes and cabin-to-cabin trekking.


The traditional aesthetics of Singi are combined with durable, sturdy materials well suited to Scandinavian treks.

High Coast

From a part of Sweden that combines forest, coastal and urban environments the High Coast collection is versatile yet functional.


Classic Fjällräven styling and materials Övik products are perfect for everyday use.


G-1000 toughness and iconic looks from our ‘first family’ mean you’re ready for all kinds of adventures at home and away.

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Sleeping bags

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Our hunting families

Functional Hunting
Classic in Style
Durable Construction


Versatile Hunting
Classic in style
Traditional Cut and Forest Life


Active Hunting
Hybrid Performance
Freedom of Movement