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Eating and drinking

You should of course try to taste local specialties when you are traveling. A Thai curry, a Lebanese kibbeh or a beef in Argentina could give you your taste buds a treat. However, in order not to get sick and spoil your journey, here are some tips.

Top tips:

• Food you prepare yourself is the safest of all Wash fruit and vegetables with clean water
• Maintain a good standard of hygiene in food preparations
• Do not allow persons with gut problems to prepare food


In many countries you can not be sure about the water you get from the tap. If you are unlucky, you could get some deceases or parasites in the drinking water. This you do not want, so, in order to be safe when traveling, drink water that is bottled or boiled. Always make sure carry at least two bottles of water with you. And, by the way, do not forget that even the water you brush your teeth with should be clean.


When it comes to advice on food, choose for food that has been properly cooked or fried/grilled and is served on a steaming hot plate. You should be careful with salads and fruit that is rinsed in tap water. Even though it may be difficult, ice-cream and milkshakes should also be avoided in some areas.


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