Our absolute warmest jackets are ready to be worn in freezing temperatures, even if you're standing still.

The Perfect Winter Jacket

Warm, comfortable, functional, timeless

At Fjällräven we have been walking with nature for over 50 years. Creating timeless, durable jackets that make any outdoor or trekking experience great. We use 100% traceable down to keep you warm, PFC-free impregnation to keep you dry and recycled wool to keep you comfortable.​
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Stay warm

Jackets for extremely cold conditions

Fjällräven have kept people warm for almost half a century now. Forever is our goal.
Keep dry

Jackets for damp and cold conditions

Jackets that are durable, functional, comfortable and warm.
Move freely

Jackets for milder conditions

Jackets for extremely cold conditions

Below, you’ll find some of our warmest jackets - ready for temperatures far below zero. Made with traceable and ethically produced down in combination with recycled polyester, organic cotton and over 50 years of outdoor experience. Let the winter adventures begin!​

Jackets for damp & cold conditions

Down is excellent insulation material, but when the weather is both cold and wet, synthetic padding usually wins. In the jackets below, you’ll find two kinds of synthetic padding - G-Loft Supreme and Supreme Microloft - both will keep you warm, both will keep you dry.

Jackets for milder conditions

Sometimes you need a lighter, more agile jacket for outdoor activities, a jacket that offers more freedom of movement. Choose traceable down padding or synthetic padding depending on dry or damp weather conditions. Both will keep you warm year after year.​​