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Five mistakes on safari

So you are finally there on your dream journey. You simply can not wait to see the animals that make up the big five, the elephant, the leopard, the buffalo, the rhino and the lion. However, one simple mistake could ruin your whole trip and make your dream journey into a nightmare. Below are five common mistakes that we have found people are doing:

1. Fashion

Packing fashionable and strongly colored clothing. You may find that this will not only attract animals but also make dirt and dust very visible. Instead wear typical Fjällräven Travel colors such as khaki, brown and olive colors.

2. Weather

Forgetting to pack something that will keep you warm. As you would expect the sun could be blistering hot during daytime. However during evenings and nighttime, temperature drops. Not packing something warm will make you cold and grumpy. Pack a fleece and/or a Safari Jacket and you will be warm and happy. A much better mood we would say.

3. UV-protection

Not bringing a safari hat. Safari hats are essential to protect you from the strong African sun. Do not leave home without it. It is so important that it is worth repeating; do not leave home without it!

4. Luggage

Bring half the wardrobe. You will not need much more than 3 functional shirts. Fjällräven’s bamboo shirts or micro-travel shirts are perfect for your Safari. Add two zip-off trousers in micro-travel material and you will have both shorts and trousers. To this add a fleece and a safari jacket or vest so you can easily carry all essentials. You do not want to move around with bulky and heavy luggage only because you packed all your trousers and tops.

5. Shoes

Packing your heavy duty trekking boots. If you are not going on a walking safari, you can leave your heaviest boots at home. Instead bring some lightweight trekking shoes.