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Three regions, three collections

In Sweden, hunting has not always been a given for the general population. For many hundreds of years it was a royal privilege, and the lower classes were not permitted to hunt. Regions such as Öland were completely reserved for royalty and Öland’s local residents were only allowed to own three-legged dogs, as they were not particularly useful for hunting. Once hunting was permitted for the general population, hunting in Sweden began to take on the form that can still be seen today, where moose hunting is and always has been the highest ranking (and most regulated) from the Dalälven River northwards. 

In the north, hunting today is mostly open to everyone, with many local hunting teams covering vast tracts of land. Here, moose and game birds are prioritised. Sometimes organised hunts with flushing dogs are held but often hunts are semi structured and use unleashed dogs. The old traditions are better preserved in the southern part of the country, with large organised hunts using flushing dogs held on privately owned land – often in connection with traditional estates and manors. There are still red deer, many fellow deer, roe deer, game birds and wild boar in these regions. In the middle of Sweden, both forms of hunting meet and in the region of Svealand, game birds, small game and large game are hunted in a variety of ways.

The one thing that all types of hunters have in common is a need for good clothing. With our extensive experience of Scandinavian outdoor life we have created three collections that cover all common hunting situations. Welcome to Lappland, Värmland and Sörmland.

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