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Selecting materials

You don’t want to sit and think about your gear and what you are wearing when you are finally out in the forest. If you do this, it is most often because there is something that doesn’t feel right. 

When we design hunting gear, we make use of everything we know about life in the wilderness, and then add to this what is important for hunting. A hunter sometimes moves about in a particular way and has a certain need for silence and safety that we do not have to consider otherwise. 

To avoid spending any uncomfortable time on the stand, we recommend that you make some carefully considered decisions before you head out into the forest.

At Fjällräven, for a long time we have chosen to work sustainably in everything we do, and this includes making hunting gear. We have strict standards for everything we produce regarding materials used, transportation and the working conditions in our factories. 

Sun, wind and water

There are many different types of waterproof technology for clothing that keep out the rain but release body heat. Fjällräven has chosen to only work with materials that are sustainably produced and it is important to know that all our garments are developed according to strict environmental demands, regardless if they are made from wool, G-1000, leather or our very own membrane fabric Eco-shell. 


For generations, people have learnt to love Fjällräven’s unique G-1000 fabric. It is a blend of cotton and polyester that is available in a number of different weights, and its water resistance can be adapted by waxing parts or all of the garment with Greenland Wax. 


Eco-shell is our very own membrane fabric that is totally waterproof, windproof and breathable. It has three layers of which the middle layer consists of a hydrophilic membrane that keeps out water but lets stream through from the body. The outer surface is not impregnated with fluorocarbons, but rather we have chosen a sustainable treatment process that is not dangerous for the environment. 


Fjällräven works together with the Scottish wool producers Abraham Moon. This classic material is of the highest quality with regard to sustainable production, durability and style. Wool is a natural material that is fantastic when you find the right quality and area of use.


All of our leather accessories and the leather trims on our clothing are made in Sweden according to traditional methods. The raw product used is of the highest quality and production is of course sustainable and ethical throughout the entire process. As with G-1000, leather just gets more attractive the more it is used, and it is part of our environmental philosophy that our products should be able to last an entire lifetime or even longer. 


For hunters, being able to move soundlessly is extremely important. Not just for active hunters who are hunting on foot, but also for those hunting from stands when they are walking through the forest to get there. Remaining silent for hours is not just about leaving your phone and radio alone, it is also about being able to trust that your clothing is constructed in such a way that you can make normal movements without noisy rustling. With this in mind, we have developed a special version of our G-1000 fabric called G-1000 Silent. It has a brushed surface that is very forgiving to movements and lets you walk through the terrain soundlessly. 


Few things can be as uncomfortable as being cold. And in addition to discomfort, there is also the risk of getting hurt if you are cold for too long. Your judgement is negatively affected, and you quite simply are in poorer condition to fire a shot if you are cold or hungry. However, you don’t want to be too warm either. For this reason we have divided our hunting garments according to type of hunting. More active, or more passive. But all of our garments can handle variation, from cool solitude, to sudden activity in challenging terrain. 


In Sweden, most hunters wear dark green nuances, with details in safety orange. Being able to visually melt into your surroundings, regardless of if they are green or white, is of course a deciding factor with hunting. We have worked a lot with our classic solid olive green colour, but we have also developed white winter garments and blaze orange clothing with realistically patterned fabric. 


All hunters know the importance of being able to handle a firearm safely. But sometimes the ability to handle clothing is almost more important from a safety perspective. You shouldn’t need to think about your clothing, but rather be so comfortable in it that all your attention can be directed towards the task at hand. You should be wearing the right colours, right camouflage, right safety orange on the right places, and the most important detail of all is that you are wearing the right type of clothing for the type of hunting you are doing. Then everyone can count on you being at the top of your game.