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– Fjällräven’s beloved fabric, now also for hunting 

G-1000 is popular among hunters not just because it is an extremely durable fabric that is resistant to water and wind, but also because it allows the body to ventilate out moisture effectively. If it does happen to get wet, it dries fast in front of the fire, in the sun or in the truck on the way to the next stand. 

  The story of G-1000 starts in 1966 when Fjällräven participated in a climbing expedition in Greenland. What we learned there led to the development of the first Greenland Jacket, which was made from a fabric that quickly became popular among alpinists, trekkers and climbers. It was not as waterproof as other functional clothing, but it keep the weather out effectively. In addition to this, it was hardwearing, almost indestructible, and it just got better looking the more it was worn. 

  If you take care of your G-1000 garment it will last for generations, something our tailoring centre in Örnsköldsvik can testify to as many people send in their inherited garments for an overlook and check up. The trick is to wax the fabric with our special Greenland Wax – made from a mixture of beeswax and paraffin. You can wax it as often as you want, it just gets better – and remember to wax the exposed sections such as the shoulders and knees but let the back remain unwaxed for better ventilation. For the warmer months of the year you can easily wash the wax out, thereby increasing the garments overall ventilation. G-1000 is a simple, durable and very loyal fabric. 

  So, for all these reasons G-1000 is also seen in our hunting collections. And specifically for hunting we have developed a brushed, silent version called G-1000 Silent Eco. In combination with stretch fabric and well-thought-through details on hoods, pockets and sleeves, G-1000 is used as the base fabric for some of this autumn’s most interesting hunting newcomers.

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