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To love the forest, not just the hunt

There are all kinds of hunters, and all kinds of reasons why people go out into the forest with a loaded gun. Fjällräven’s viewpoint on hunting is nothing particularly dramatic – making clothing and equipment for hunting seems natural as we ourselves have always been hunters. But hunting has never really been at the centre of what we do, rather it has been a natural part of our limitless interest in outdoor life, the wilderness, forests, flora and fauna. We spend time outdoors all year round and we do this in the conditions that present themselves. When it is autumn, it is hunting season. But it is also berry-picking season, trekking season and mushrooming season. We love all of it. 

Maybe his affects us as hunters. Not just to stare into the empty woods from a hunting stand yet to see any game pass by, but to appreciate everything else around us. The signs, the air, the food, the conversation, the impressions and the inspiration are 99% of the hunt. The single shots fired are just one of the many aspects of our wonderful years of hunting. 

When it comes to gear, it is a given that we focus our 55 years of experience on hunting clothing and solutions that are maybe a little more Fjällräven than your other hunting gear is. We are outdoor people who hunt, and our knowledge of tents, backpacks, trekking, materials, survival and harsh climates has created a hunting range that is true to its Scandinavian origins – with tradition, functionality, quality and sustainability. 

It is a form of conscious hunting. Where hunting is a part of outdoor life. An extension of everything we believe in. Responsibility, presence, inspiration, long-sightedness, and open access for everyone. Freedom. And food!

Hunting means eating well, and learning to cook new meals with the game you bring home. We have collected some of our favourite dishes here – simple recipes that are easy to learn but perhaps take time to master. Just as it should be.