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G-1000 is often a better choice

Many people pull on a waterproof “technical" shell jacket without thinking too much about it. But people who have been trekking or skiing in a taped, laminated garment have often found that it is too waterproof. The membrane that makes a shell jacket waterproof cannot release moisture as fast as it builds up inside when you are active, and you often get wet from the inside instead.

This is why experienced outdoor people have instead been choosing garments made from G-1000 for decades. It provides protection against wind and will also keep you dry during light showers. If the fabric should get wet, it dries fast. At the same time, G-1000 ventilates better, so you do not get as sweaty as you would when wearing a waterproof garment. Compared to a membrane garment, G-1000 is also much more durable. It can withstand nature’s shaper edges and even sparks from a campfire.

For all seasons

In the summer, G-1000 is an excellent choice for all conditions except for days when the rain will just not let up. On these days you will need to pull on an ultra-light rain garment for reinforcement. In the winter, G-1000 provides dependable protection from snow and strong winds and its ventilation decreases the risk of becoming chilled from wet under garments. An added bonus is that it is light and comfortable to wear.

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