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Guide to shirts

This shirt is the perfect functional garment to take with you when you head outdoors. In reality, the outdoor shirt can be more easily adapted to your activity and the temperature than, for example, a sweater can. The opening in the front allows you to release excess heat and you can easily decide how long you want the sleeves to be. By folding up the collar you can protect your neck from the cold and wind, and the pockets provide practical storage for small items.

Fjällräven's shirts are made from different fabrics for different seasons and intended areas of use, but they all contain well thought-out details that give them a high level of quality and functionality.

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  1. Different types of shirts

    Different types of shirts

    We view the shirt to be a part of your outdoor equipment, just like a shell jacket or down garment, and we therefore choose the fabric and functions based on the activity. Read more »
  2. Different fits on shirts

    Different fits on shirts

    Fjällräven shirts come in three different fits for men and two for women. The shirt that you should choose depends entirely on your personal preferences. Read more »