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General traveling tips

We love to discover the wilderness majestic scenery even far away from the Swedish mountains. This can both be relaxation or a fast-paced adventure. Or to discover strange flora and fauna in their natural environment and meet people who live according to their traditional customs and practices. Here we have gatherd some general traveling tips and what to think about when traveling.

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  1. Eating and drinking

    Eating and drinking

    You should of course try to taste local specialties when you are traveling. However, in order not to get sick and spoil your journey, here are some tips. Read more »
  2. Checklist for your trip

    Checklist for your trip

    Before you start travelling it is necessary that you check the following points to make your trip smoothly. Read more »
  3. Green travel

    Green travel

    Car, train, airplane and boat are some of the most common means of transport. Below are some tips on what to think about then traveling. Read more »