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Jungle trekking - practial tips

The weather in a jungle environment is harsh and one thing you will get plenty of is rain. Sometimes lots and lots of rain. You will also experience heat and humidity that you may not be used to. However, these factors should not stop you from this magical nature. In order to fully enjoy you jungle trek, here are some practical tips.

Use good judgement

You often know more than you are aware of and just by using common sense; you will often do just fine. First of all be aware of your limits, use good judgment on your fitness level that is needed for the trek. Always inform someone about your plans and destination for the day. This is crucial if you are walking alone. It should be pretty obvious that when you choose a trail, make sure that you have time enough to complete the route before it gets too dark. It is much more difficult to walk back when it is pitch black. Be aware that it will get dark much quicker in the jungle because of the thick canopy. Your days will not be shorter, but they will seem like they are. Also make sure you never walk of the path to chase after any animals.

Stay cool and drink a lot of water

The most common illnesses are created by not drinking enough water. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are problems that quickly can turn serious. The best way to avoid this is of course to drink small amounts frequently, especially when you are moving. Also pack some food to keep your energy level up. Some snacks might also be good, both to eat yourself or hand over to a partner that seems a bit grumpy. If you are not accompanied by a guide, avoid being tempted by fruit along the path. Also try not to drink water in nature.

In order to stay cool and avoid heat stroke, so stay out of direct sunshine. If your aim is to get a tan, well you should consider if you have chosen the right trip and if you should join the crowds on a beach during next vacation. We assume you are here to experience the wonders of nature, and this is best done if you are not scorched by sun or overheated.

Bring a good backpack

Wet tropic travel is humid and wet, even more so during rainy seasons. Due to this it is important that you bring a backpack with rain cover. Fjällräven’s Campus backpack series and Cabin to Cabin (C2C) backpacks are smaller and very comfortable backpacks that come with rain covers. C2C backpacks also come with a separate compartment for a bladder system. This is good news since rehydration is so important.

Dress properly

Lighter clothing made of Fjällräven’s MicroTravel or ComfortTravel material are comfortable and easier to dry out if they become damp. This is perfect garment for trousers and jackets.

For shirts Fjällräven’s bamboo material is perfect for since it dries quickly. Fjällrävens organic cotton tops on the other hand stays damp and will keep you cool and help prevent dehydration. Bringing one shirt of bamboo and one of cotton gives most versatility. Ensure they are long-sleeve since you would like to avoid thorny vegetation and mosquitoes.

A poncho is the best style of waterproof giving good air circulation and could also give extra protection to your backpack. A wide brimmed hat and sunglasses will protect you from the sun.

Small adjustments for a happier trip

Unless you do not take special care of your maps or books you will soon notice that they will fall apart in the wet tropics. Needless to say, they will not be very useful in this state. In order to keep them usable, you can keep maps in large see-through zip-lock wallets or cover them with clear sticky-backed plastic before you leave. In this climate you might also find a weather resistant notebook useful. Also ensure you protect electrical equipment or your camera from damp.

Following these practical tips you should be able to enjoy your journey.

Welcome to the jungle!