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Lost in the jungle

So let us say you are stuck in the jungle but have shelter and plentiful of food and water. Even though this may sound like a pretty good life, we assume most of you do not want to live like Mowgli from the Jungle Book. Since the thick jungle makes it really hard for anyone to notice you, you might have to trek to your own rescue. If this is the case, here are some tips.

Wear long sleeves and slide though the vegetation

After taking the needed supply of water and equipment, start by dressing yourself in long sleeves. This might seem weird since it will most probably be hot and humid. But if you have been to a jungle before you know that the undergrowth is thick, thorny and somewhat difficult to get through. By wearing long sleeves you will avoid cuts and scratches and decrease the risk of getting an infection. When you walk through the undergrowth turn your shoulders, shift your hips, bend your body, and shorten or lengthen your stride as necessary to slide through the vegetation.

If have a machete, your trek will be easier. But cut only what you need to get through the vegetation, you are only making a trial for you. If you try to make a nice broad trail you might tire out. If you do not have a machete, look for a long walking stick to part the vegetation directly in front of you. Using a stick will also help move spiders or snakes, remember to be kind.

Develop a jungle eye

Also try to develop a “jungle eye” as you make your way forward. Move your eyes between a distance in front of you and the area right below your feet. Looking ahead, try to look through the jungle and try to notice natural breaks. This is called developing a "jungle eye," that is, you do not simply focus on the pattern of bushes and trees to your immediate front. Instead you look at the jungle further out and find natural breaks in the foliage. Look "through" the jungle, not "at" it. At the same time remember to look down at the ground from time to time, you might find a path that is slightly covered.

In order not to walk in circles, pick an object about 50 meters in front of you. Walk up to it and then select a new point by looking back at where you started and then keep a straight line. As you make your way forward, keep a look out for wildlife danger.

If you move slowly and steadily and make sure to listen as well, you might avoid the risk of walking into a jaguar.

Following these advice you will hopefully soon find rescue and have a story to tell your friends during the next camp fire.