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Participants Information

In the following text/document you will find important information for all participants in Fjällräven Classic. Here you will find answers to many questions about the hike. You can read about everything from how you will get to the start in Nikkaluokta, what is included in the registration fee, to how you can handle your waste during the trek.

Included in the Registration Fee is:

• Bus transfer from Kiruna Airport and Kiruna Railway Station to Högalidsskolan which is the meeting place for Fjällräven Classic. Transfer is arranged from Thursday the 10th of August.
• Bus transfer from Högalidsskolan to the start in Nikkaluokta the 11th, 12th or 13th of August.
• Transport of one bag (maximum 60 Litres/20 kg) from Kiruna or Nikkaluokta to Abisko.
• Map and plastic cover for the map
• Hiking Pass
• Gas, petrol or methylated spirit. If you use petrol or methylated spirit you have to bring your own bottle.
• Food and bread for the hike
• Safety Tag
• Fjällräven Classic Trash Bag 

Bus or train transport from Abisko to Kiruna is not included in the application fee.

Before Start

Indicate Your Arrival to Kiruna and Bus Departure to Start

For planning and optimising the transports during Fjällräven Classic we ask you as participant to provide us with information about when you arrive in Kiruna (if you arrive by plane or train) and which bus you will take to the start in Nikkaluokta. Choose your date and times in the form at the Fjällräven Classic homepage no later than 1st of August. The form is available from mid June.

Meeting Place – Högalidsskolan

Högalidsskolan in Kiruna is the meeting place for participants in Fjällräven Classic. At Högalidsskolan you will receive the equipment included in the registration fee and you leave your luggage for further transport to the finish in Abisko. At Högalidsskolan you can enjoy a cup of coffee at Trekkers Café and Naturkompaniet has a small shop where you can buy outdoor equipment.

Coordinates for Högalidsskolan (WGS84): 67°51'35.1"N 20°14'6.1"E.


All participants have to check in at the registration before the event.

The registration at Högalidsskolan is open:

Thursday 10th of August: 12:00 – 20:00
Friday 11th of August: 06:00 – 20:00
Saturday 12th of August: 06:00 – 20:00
Sunday 13th of August: 06:00 – 11:00 

For participants who arrive to Nikkaluokta (the starting place) by car or want to stay in Nikkaluokta before the start it is possible to check-in and leave luggage there.

The registration in Nikkaluokta is open:

Thursday 10th of August: 18:00 – 20:00
Friday 11th of August: 07:00 – 16:00, 18:00 – 20:00
Saturday 12th of August: 07:00 – 16:00, 18:00 – 20:00
Sunday 13th of August: 07:00 – 13:00 

Equipment Included in the Registration Fee

Hiking Pass

You will receive your Hiking Pass at the check-in. The Hiking Pass is a small booklet that you carry during the hike. At start and finish your start and finish time respectively will be inserted in the pass by an official. At every check-point your Hiking Pass has to be stamped, there is an unique stamp at each checkpoint. At the finish the Hiking Pass will be checked.

A barcode for elecronic registration is attached to your Hiking Pass. The code will be scanned at check-in, start and finish respectively.


You will receive one map at the check-in. The scale is 1:75 000 and the equidistance 10 m.

Food and Fuel

At the registration you will pick up fuel (gas, petrol or methylated spirit) and the first food ration for the event. You may then refill food and gas (no petrol or methylathed spirit) at checkpoint Sälka (after 46.5 km) and at checkpoint Alesjaure (after 73 km). Bread will only be delivered at registration.

The refill in Sälka opens Saturday the 12th of August at 16:00 and the refill in Alesjaure opens Sunday the 13th of August at 16:00.

The food is freeze-dried meals that you prepare by adding hot water into the package.

The gas is Primus gas for stoves with standard screw threads. If you use petrol or methylated spirit you have to bring your own bottle. To reduce waste handling the organiser recommends you to share fuel with other participants during the event.

Fjällräven Classic Trash Bag

At check-in you will get a nylon bag, in which you collect your trash during the hike.

Safety Tag

At the start you will receive a signal tag. This tag, along with the Hiking Pass, serves to identify a person as a participant in the Fjällräven Classic. The tag should be attached to the top of your backpack, so that it can be seen both from the front and from behind The tag is also an aid for attracting attention in the event of an emergency. 

Luggage to Abisko

Transport of one bag (maximum 60 Litres and max. 20 kg) from Kiruna or Nikkaluokta to Abisko is included in the application fee. Luggage that is larger or heavier can be handed in for an extra cost. At the registration you will receive a tag with your name and start number which should be attached to your luggage. In Abisko there is 24h service for check out of luggage. 


Transport to the Start in Nikkaluokta

Bus transfer from Högalidsskolan to Nikkaluokta is included in the registration fee. The transfer takes about one hour.

The buses departures at:

Friday 11th of August: 06:30, 10:30 and 13:30
Saturday 12th of August: 06:30, 10:30 and 13:30
Sunday 13th of August: 06:30 and 10:30 

The buses will leave when they are full-seated. Departure times above are given as earliest departure.

Start Groups

There are eight start groups in Fjällräven Classic, you choose at application which one you want to start in.

Start group 1: Friday 11th of August, at 09:00
Start group 2: Friday 11th of August, at 13:00
Start group 3: Friday 11th of August, at 16:00
Start group 4: Saturday 12th of August, at 09:00
Start group 5: Saturday 12th of August, at 13:00
Start group 6: Saturday 12th of August, at 16:00
Start group 7: Sunday 13th of August, at 09:00
Start group 8: Sunday 13th of August, at 13:00

Change of Start Group

You may change start group by editing your application. Use the login code that you received together with the confirmation of your registration.  It is possible to change start group as long as there are available places in the group you want to change to. After that, change of start group is only allowed if two participants change groups with each other. This change can only be administrated and completed at the registration in Kiruna.

Start Registration

All participants have to visit the registration to the start area. The registration opens one hour before start. At the registration an official will fill in your start time in your Hiking Pass and you will receive your first unique stamp in the Hiking Pass. At the start registration you will also get the Safety Tag. After registration it is possible to leave the start area, if you for example have to visit the toilet. 

The Hike

The Route

The route you walk along is marked with painted rocks and cairns. The route runs often parallel to the winter trail which is marked with special “trail crosses”. The winter trail is not recommended for summer walks.

You are responsible for navigation along the route. Please always have your map and compass at hand and make sure you are on the right trail.

The route has normally no difficult or dangerous passages. Be careful in the case of fog and during or after heavy rainfalls as it will result in elevated water levels in streams.


The Fjällräven Classic hike passes six checkpoints between Nikkaluokta and Abisko. At every checkpoint you will find Fjällräven Classic officials in a big tent that has 24h service. It is your responsibility to get your Hiking Pass stamped by an official. In case of emergency the officials have to leave the tent, then the stamp may be placed outside the tent and you stamp the Hiking Pass yourself.

At every checkpoint you can also find a ”guest book”. Please provide information about what time you passed the checkpoint. It is also possible to leave and read messages to and from other participants.

Sleeping Accommodation

All sleeping accommodation will be in tents during the event. A tent may be shared by two or more participants. Sleeping in the cabins of the Swedish Tourist Association is not allowed.

You are free to camp where you want along the route, except in Abisko National Park (see below). However, you have to respect the safety distances for camping next to the cabins of the Swedish Tourist Association. The officials at the checkpoints have information concerning safety distances.

The last 15 km of the route passes through Abisko National Park. There are special regulations for where you might camp or light a fire. The only places where you are allowed to camp is in the area around the Abiskojaure Cabins and at a special tent location near Nissanjåkk, five kilometres South of the Abisko Tourist Station.

Waste Handling and Littering

You collect your waste (except human waste) produced during the hike in your Fjällräven Classic Trash Bag. The bag may be checked at the finish in Abisko. It is absolutely prohibited to litter or leave waste along the trail, at the checkpoints, at any of the mountain cabins or at wind shelters. These facilities may be overloaded when they are utilised by a lot of people. Carrying your own waste will also result in reduced need of airborne transports. It is advisable to burn toilet paper.

If you have to relieve yourself at other places you should bury the faeces in the ground or cover them with stones. In addition, burn your toilet paper or take it with you.

Sunrise and Sunset

In the middle of August the sunrise is approximately at 04:00 and the sunset at 22:00. 


Drinking water could be found in streams and tarns along the hike. However, do avoid small water bodies with stagnant water. 


As a participant in Fjällräven Classic you can use the saunas in Sälka och Alesjaure for free. The saunas close at 22. Please follow the guidelines when using the saunas, i.e. chop firewood, fetch water, make sure there is hot water in the washing room and leave the sauna clean.

At the Abiskojaure Hut there is a sauna as well. It costs 50 SEK to use it.

Walking with a Dog

Remember to always keep your dog on a leash.

Safety and Medical Care Along the Route

Read the detailed description about medical care and security at the website of Fjällräven Classic. In summary, the following applies:

• The major part of the route has no cell phone coverage and no access for land vehicles.

• It is recommended to complement the mandatory first aid kit with safety pins, butterfly stitches (skin closures), fluid replacement and pain reliever.

• Remember to eat and drink sufficiently to gain enough energy and to avoid headaches.

• Be careful with hygiene when taking care of wounds, use plenty of clean water and soap to rinse wounds or before you are going to pop a blister.

• Contact the checkpoint officials in case of injury or disease. A nurse or a doctor are present at each checkpoint and at the finish. They are equipped with a limited amount of first aid products and medications. The staff at the checkpoints may also contact the finish in Abisko in cases related to medical care.

• In exceptional cases, such as serious injury/disease helicopter evacuation is possible. The organiser reserves the right to charge such an evacuation according to the current price list (1 500-5 000 SEK/person). To minimise helicopter transport in the area, or in case of bad weather, evacuation in a non-emergency case may be postponed for a couple of days.

• In the case of emergency, call 112 (SOS Alarm).

• Only cases of medical emergency are being documented. Other examinations, certificates and insurance matters, ought to be handled by your regular medical service at home.

• The event organiser is not responsible to check every participants position along the route. In case of an incident the participants have to contact the organiser. Generally there will be no organized search for people who have not reached the finish. 

Abandoning the Hike

If you decide to abandon the hike you still have to walk to Abisko or return to Nikkaluokta. If you decide to return, please contact an official at a checkpoint or call the contact phone number at +46 (0)73 832 41 20. 

The organiser will have officials in Nikkaluokta the days after start. Participitants returning to Nikkaluokta may contact the officials. They have possibilities to arrange with transport of luggage from Abisko to Scandic Hotell Ferrum in Kiruna. Maximum two transports of luggage will depart each day, thus your luggage may arrive the following day. 

Time Limit

There is no formal time limit for completion of Fjällräven Classic. However, the staff along the trail are being gradually relieved during the week. The checkpoints along the route are closed at the following times: 

Kebnekaise Mountain Lodge: Monday 14th of August 12:00
Singi: Tuesday 15th of August 12:00
Sälka: Wednesday 16th of August 12:00
Tjäktja: Thursday 17th of August 12:00
Alesjaure: Thursday 17th of August 18:00
Kieron: Friday 18th of August 10:00 

The finish in Abisko will close at 13:00 on Friday the 18th of August. After that you will be able to achieve your last stamp and medal in the reception at Abisko Tourist Station.

The Finish in Abisko


The finish in Abisko has 24h service and you may check out your luggage at any time. There, you have access to changing rooms, showers and sauna. The fee for showers and sauna is paid at the reception.

Fjällräven Classic Medal

All participants completing Fjällräven Classic will receive a gold medal after finish. 

Trekkers Inn

At the finish you will find the “outdoor pub” Trekkers Inn that offers food, drinks and music. This is the natural meeting place for participants in Fjällräven Classic.


There will be a lottery of prizes Sunday to Thursday night at Trekkers Inn.



Camp Ripan ( next to Högalidsskolan. Hotel rooms, cabins and camping. Phone +46 (0)980 630 00.

Scandic Hotell Ferrum ( Hotel rooms. Phone +46 (0)980 39 86 00.

For more accommodation alternatives in Kiruna visit:


Nikkaluokta Sarri AB ( Cabins and camping. Phone +46 (0)980 550 15. 


Abisko Tourist Station ( Hotel rooms, cabins, overnight beds and camping. Phone +46 (0)980 40200.

Abisko Mountain Lodge ( Hotel rooms and cabins. Phone +46 (0)980 401 00.

Björkliden Fjällby ( Hotel rooms, cabins, hostel and camping. Phone +46 (0)980 64100.

Transport From Abisko

In addition to regular train and bus departures Fjällräven Classic arranges bus transport from Abisko to Kiruna Airport. The time table is adjusted to departures from Kiruna Airport during the period Monday Aug 14 – Saturday Aug 19. You can buy tickets for these buses in Kiruna (Trekkers Café) or in Abisko, at least 12h before the bus departs. The ticket costs 200 SEK. The time table for Fjällräven Classic's departures is available at Fjällräven Classic's homepage from mid June. 

Note that transport from Abisko is not included in the reg

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