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Fjällräven Polar 2014

Hundreds of thousands of votes and more than 900 participants (!) See the winners here.


Hana Nadia - most votes
Johan Saari - selected by the jury


Jostein Sirevåg - most votes
Inger Kristin Goresth - selected by the jury 


Tuomo Lampela - most votes
Tuija Pellikka - selected by the jury 


Søren Hauris Larsen - most votes
Peter Blom Jensen - selected by the jury 


Manon Klosterman - most votes
Bieke van Doorslaer - selected by the jury 


Melaine Wald - most votes
Paul Chmielewski - selected by the jury 

United Kingdom

Phil Raisbeck - most votes
Phil Parkes - selected by the jury 


Greg Lindstrom - most votes
Alex Kalita - selected by the jury 


Míra Švestka - most votes
Petra Obrovská - selected by the jury

Other countries 

Katarina Sokk - most votes
Peter Holly - selected by the jury

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