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Equipment list

Everyone can experience the adventure of a lifetime as long as you have the right knowledge and equipment. Get inspired by our equipment list used by our Fjällräven Polar participants.


One of the most important functions of clothing in cold climates is to protect the body from cooling down. The multi-layer principle is a flexible method for dressing for the outdoors – all year round. Three to four layers provide protection from the cold, wind and rain, and are easy to adjust as your body temperature changes.

Fjällräven Polar Parka

Polar Bib Trousers

Eco-Tour Jacket (men), Eco-Tour Jacket W (women)

Eco-Tour Trousers (men), Eco-Tour Trousers W (women)

Keb Fleece Jacket (men), Keb Fleece Jacket W (women)

Nordic Heater


Fjällräven is building on 50 years of experience of developing outdoor products suitable for demanding conditions: Well-insulated sleeping bags suitable for extreme cold and strong and wind stable tents designed for high safety make the perfect companions on winter outings.

Fjällräven Polar -30

Wind sack

Akka Endurance

Ground Sheet

Snow Peg


Good protection against the cold should first and foremost insulate against the cold ground. Fjällräven polar footwear needs to be designed for demanding winter outdoor use with robust, sturdy uppers and excellent insulation. The Abisko GTX is a winter expedition boot, designed for very low temperatures. Robust felt gaiters keep out the cold, snow and rain.

Hanwag Abisko GTX

Hanwag Felt Gaiters


Lighting a stove in winter can be a bit tricky. But difficulties are not a must: You just have to know what to do and you will easily outwit the hurdles that might arise from the cold. Tip! Once you have boiled water, do not tip away the leftovers. Fill the rest into your vacuum bottle or food container in order to isolate it from the cold.And you can use the container as a heating inside your sleeping bag when you stay out overnight. Fjällräven Polar use cookingware from Primus.

Omnilite Ti

Eta Pot 3.0 litres

Eta Pot 1.8 litres

C&H Vacuum Bottle 

C&H Lunch Jug

Drinking bottle in aluminium

Take your gear and head off towards a magnificent winter adventures!

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