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The Winners

Hundreds of thousands of votes and more than 1000 participants (!) See the winners and watch all the entries here


Fredrik Bam Persson - most votes
Maria Hestner - selected by the jury 


Thomas Nørby Mogensen - most votes
Inger Kristin Gorseth - selected by the jury


Janne Körkkö - most votes
Katri Pesonen - selected by the jury


John Böhme Dybkjær - most votes
Tinna Jørrgensen - selected by the jury

Benelux countries

Johnny Carbonelli - most votes
Roelof Doevendans - selected by the jury


Max Bonavent - most votes
Marc Weidner - selected by the jury

United Kingdom

Charlie Smith - most votes
Tom Reader - selected by the jury 


Lacey Jean - most votes
Elliott Houha - selected by the jury


Bence Valentin Kiss - most votes
Eva Lengyel - selected by the jury

Other countries

Tseren Enebish - most votes
Kila Zamana (Poland) - selected by the jury

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