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Our product promise

With Fjällräven’s products you can enjoy nature without having to worry about your equipment. Our product promise is based on six important principles – this is what you can expect when you buy something from us.


Fjällräven has a lot of experience producing functional equipment for all types of outdoor activities. We were among the first to test our products in variable climatic zones, from Greenland to the humid rainforests of Brazil. Ventilation openings, pocket placement, material selection – everything is based on many years of experience and exhaustive tests in varying conditions.


When you buy something from Fjällräven, you can be sure that you won’t need to buy a replacement for a very long time. Johan Skullman, who is responsible for the testing, leads the group that exposes all of our products to more stresses in the course of a few months than anyone else would in the course of many years.

The long lifespan depends on many factors – production experience, superior material selection and product formulations, as well as stringent quality control throughout the production chain.


When we develop products, we do it so that you are able to use them and love them, year after year, without getting tired of them. Instead of following trends we’re completely focused on function, and our designs are simple and timeless. The products’ appearance always stems from practical use, which is ultimately more important when it comes to outdoor activities.


Our equipment should be suitable for use in places where there’s no margin for error. That’s why we strive to choose materials and solutions which give a safe and reliable product. And that’s why all our products are tested, worn and used by experienced test groups before we put them on the market.

We also have textile laboratories test for durability, tear strength and a number of other factors so we are completely sure that all component parts maintain the same high level of technical performance.


Our products should be easy to handle once you are familiar with how to use them. It doesn’t matter how smart the functions of our products are if they’re difficult to use in exposed locations or severe weather. That’s why our tents, for example, aren’t just stable but also easy to put up if you’re caught out by a sudden storm.


One reason to spend time in the great outdoors is the incredible variety it offers. One day it’s blowing a howling gale, the next the sun shines down from a clear blue sky. Nature’s versatility is also reflected in our products, which we design so that they work in both varying climates and for a broad range of activities.

For example, our durable G-1000 fabric can be adapted using Greenland Wax so that the garments can be used in both cold climates and tropical environments. And our backpacks are fully adjustable so that they can be used by different carriers and adjusted for comfort. Removable top lids which double up as waist bags for walks and trousers with a zip-off function are further examples of design solutions which contribute to usability in many situations.

With each individual product having a wider use, there’s less stuff to pack for travelling or hiking – and fewer things to store.