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Philanthropic Initiatives

Star of Hope helps children in need

Back in the 1970s, Fjällräven’s founder, Åke Nordin, started working with the relief organisation Star of Hope. Rather than disposing of outgoing garment lines, the garments were sent via Star of Hope to families in need in Latvia and Romania. This spared the environment and the clothing filled a need.

Over the years we have sent hundreds of cubic metres of clothing, primarily to Eastern Europe. Thousands of children and youngsters in orphanages, boarding schools and underprivileged families have received our durable, practical and well-made clothes. In countries with climates similar to Sweden, with cold and damp winters, our clothing is especially appreciated. Warm winter clothing allows children and youngsters to spend time outdoors and play freely, without getting cold. For many children, a good-looking winter jacket means they can go to school with their heads held high.

Participating in the Star of Hope's important work in this way is of great value to us, and needless to say we plan to continue our long history of contributing to this worthy cause.