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Smart method that saves both water and energy

Fjällräven is constantly looking for new materials and methods of production that allow more efficient use of resources and that reduce the effect our products have on the environment. One good example is Solution Dyeing, a technique that has significantly reduced the amount of both water and energy used in the manufacture and dyeing of polyester fabrics.

Simultaneous spinning and dyeing

Traditional textile dyeing involves immersing fabric in a dye bath, rinsing it in a rinse bath and then drying it. With Solution Dyeing, the colouring takes place before the fibres are spun into yarn. The raw material in the form of polyester – either new or recycled – is mixed with the colour pigment, and then this coloured, liquid polymer is spun into the type of yarn required.

In environmental terms, the Solution Dyeing method means significantly lower water and energy consumption levels than seen in traditional dyeing. In a fleece jacket such as Sten Fleece, water consumption is reduced by 50 percent and energy consumption is reduced by 31 percent. The method also means reduced use of chemicals and there is no dye or water spill that has to be taken care of. Carbon dioxide emissions are also reduced.

The environmental benefits are the most important reason behind us using Solution Dyed fabrics in our collection. But there are other positive effects as well, for example superior colour consistency and improved resistance to fading from multiple washings or sunlight.