Product features
  • Comfortable trekking tunic in light, highly ventilating G-1000 Air.
  • Can be worn as a first layer, or on top of a t-shirt/tank top.
  • High collar and a generous press-buttoned opening for easy putting on/taking off.
  • Two hand pockets, two bellows pockets at lower front and a security pocket at the back, all zippered.
  • Pleat at the back and adjustable elastic at the back of the waist.

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Adaptable for a lifetime in nature

Customisable weather protection with Greenland Wax
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Care & Repair

How to use Greenland Wax

Made from a mixture of beeswax and paraffin, Greenland Wax is a simple, nature-inspired solution to the challenges faced in the outdoors. Most of our G-1000 materials come pre-waxed, but it’s still a good idea to know how to re-apply and remove the wax to adapt your jacket to the conditions.
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Abisko Family

Technical Trekking

Surrounded by the national park and beautiful mountains, Abisko is perfect as a point of departure for day hikes. It was with these kinds of adventures in mind that we developed the Abisko product family.
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Product description

Light, comfortable tunic with an attractive fit made from well-ventilated G-1000 Air. Half-length opening with press buttons at the front and practical pockets, including a security pocket.Light and comfortable tunic for trekking and outdoor life in warm, sunny climates. Made from G-1000 Air that has excellent ventilation so you keep as cool and dry as possible. Built-in UV protection (UPF45+) makes it a very easily worn garment that is just as suitable for trekking as it is in urban environments – by itself or with a tank-top or t-shirt underneath.

The cut is feminine and well-fitting with an adjustable elastic band at the back of the waist. The collar is high to protect the neck from the sun, and the front opening is half-length with press buttons. There are two hand pockets, positioned high for the best comfort, and a pair of zippered bellows pockets lower down. In addition, there is a hidden security pocket with a zipper at the back. The sleeves are long, but can be rolled up and held in place with buttons.

Product specification