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The biggest danger on the Savanna

Many people travel to Africa to see the continent’s Big Five: the African elephant, the lion, the water buffalo, the leopard and the rhinoceros. The risk of being attacked by one of these animals is minimal. In reality, the five greatest health hazards on the savanna are the malaria mosquito, the tse-tse fly, UV radiation, dehydration and food poisoning. In worst case scenario, these hazards can put your life in danger. Not exactly what we would consider quality time.

MT Fabric is highly UV-protective. Read more about the functions! Going on a safari is a fantastic way to experience the animals and nature of the savanna. Getting sick in the middle of your adventure is obviously the last thing you want to happen. Below are some tips on how to avoid some of the real dangers.

Dangerous rays of the sun

Our Micro Travel (MT) fabric protect you against burns, sunstroke and dangerous UV radiation, both alpha and beta rays. The sun is extremely strong in the tropics, which is why you should always use sun block and wear a wide-brimmed hat, for example Fjällräven’s Marlin Hat. You can be confident that you are protected if you are also wearing a jacket and trousers made from the same fabric. Another advantage of MT is that it is extremely lightweight and has superb ventilation properties.

Small carriers of disease

A common infection is malaria, which is primarily spread by mosquitoes. Malaria can be fatal if you do not receive treatment in time. One solution to avoid getting bit by mosquitoes is to wear trousers and a long sleeve jacket. Fjällräven’s new Travel Jackets are designed to protect you during your trip. Of course you still need to take malaria pills. Most of the clothing in our Travel collection are made from our own Micro Travel (MT) fabric, a blend of micro polyamide and combed cotton. The high collar that protects you from both mosquitoes and the sun, and the smart pocket solutions are some of the key features of these perfect travel companions.

Pack smart

When you are out in the strong sun sweating all day long, dehydration becomes a serious risk. Drink lots of water and always carry a practical, sturdy bag, like our Vintage Shoulder Bag, filled with drinking water, food and medicine. So where does all that liquid go? Most of it is sweated out of your body and absorbed by your clothes. If you have chosen clothes made from MT, you will not be walking around in wet clothing for long. MT dries in one-third of the time it takes for cotton to dry. The clothes are almost wrinkle-free, making them ideal for traveling and adventure in warm climates.

Trust your Micro Travel

equipment With the right equipment and the right knowledge, you can avoid falling victim to Africa’s five biggest dangers. Fjällräven’s travel collection has clothes and equipment that will make your trip more comfortable. When you can trust your equipment, you are free to enjoy the experience.