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Warm, warm and functional

Back in the middle of the 1960s we started thinking about how to help people get a better night’s sleep out in the open. Our first sleeping bag Arctic quickly became popular and was followed by another appreciated classic – High Alpine Polar, HAP, designed for extreme conditions. Now, when we launch a series of extremely wellinsulated down sleeping bags named Polar, we are building on 50 years of experience of developing outdoor products suitable for demanding conditions.

One of the designers of Polar is Fredrik Hyltén-Cavallius. Fredrik’s younger years as a scout lay the foundation for his interest in the outdoors, and his first ever job was as an assistant for one of Sweden’s most prominent nature photographers. It was during his many trips away in this role that he became fascinated with how tents and other equipment are designed to function in various environments. Today, Fredrik works as a product developer of tents, sleeping bags and backpacks. Here is what he has to say about himself, his inspiration and the Polar sleeping bag.

What drives you at work?

I enjoy my job the most when I manage to find simple solutions to practical problems, so that I can help people experiencing and enjoying nature instead of having to fiddle with gadgets. I strive to always design equipment that people can trust and that can make them relax on the trek.  

Tell us about Polar, how did you come up with the design and its features ?

When we did the Polar-sack our main goal was to minimize heat loss as much as possible. We solved it in the same way as we do with our warmest winter jackets. We also added a hood to the sleeping bag. This turned the heat leakage through the opening to a minimum. We have used the same idea as the sleeping bag HAP from 1973 with openings for both arms, which allows you to stay in the bag while cooking for example.

What adventures are Polar designed for?

Really cold adventures. The sleeping bag has openings for both arms so you can sit and work or cook and still stay in the warm sleeping bag. This is very convenient if you are forced to stay in the tent for long or if you must sit still and work on something in extreme cold. The fur around the opening also prevents drafts  across the face so that the exposed portion of the face is kept warmer. I have slept under the open sky with the polar sac in -18 degrees and it was very warm and comfortable.

Is it a sleeping bag to trust?

Absolutely . Polar -20 and -30 are our two warmest sleeping bag models ,  made with down of the highest quality.

Can you describe Polar in three words?

Warm, warm and functional.

Is there anything you would like to add?

The Polar sleeping bag comes in a hefty waterproof stuff sack. Remember to use is so that the down stays protected from snow and melt water, and dry for when you are sleeping.

Finally, what are your three favourite products?

Hmm, at the moment I would say it is Keb-byxan, Övik Jacket and Duffel No. 4