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Workplace safety

Safe and sound conditions for all our workers

The safety of our employees is a priority at all times. Safety is equally important to us for people employed directly by Fjällräven as it is for those who work for our suppliers and partners. We do not tolerate the use of hazardous equipment, unsafe premises or a working environment that is not of a reasonable standard.

Our employees’ workplaces must be safe and hygienic, and we are constantly striving to prevent workplace accidents and to minimize health risks. Any form of harassment, discrimination or threatening behaviour is strictly forbidden.

Our own Code of Conduct is used as a guide in these matters, as are the principles of the United Nations Global Compact. Both these documents help us address matters related to different stakeholders and understand how to best resolve problems should a conflict of interests arise, e.g. when laws, intentions and public perception may not seem to be working together. We want to establish communication methods and be able to carry out dialogue with our partners, and allow them to develop in a positive way, raising the standard of working conditions for our suppliers, and in cooperation with them.

Download: Fjällräven Code of Conduct (pdf)